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Body Piercing

Body Piercing is available at Electric Beach by appointment.

We currently offer these piercings:

Navel – $55 including ring
Nipple – $55 including ring (If doing both nipples it is $100 for the set)
Nostril – $65 with an L bar styled gem stone.
Septum – %55 with a retainer
Lip – $55 with a ring (if doing two it is $100 for the set)
Labret – $65 with a labret stud
Monroe – $65 with a labret stud
Eyebrow – $55 with a ring
Tongue – $65 with barbell
Various cartilage piercings range in price from $40 to $90.

We are not currently offering any other body piercings than what is listed above.
Piercer is Aarron.
Piercing since 1986.
Body piercing appointments are sometimes available same day depending on his schedule.
Please call ahead.
(360) 457 – 9102
Walk ins for body piercing are not often possible.